Marie M. Loeffler

Solo Handbell Artist

Workshops and Coaching


Marie possesses a compelling presentation style and is frequently requested to teach her technique and performance workshops for individual choirs, local and regional festivals. 

Her workshops are both entertaining and educational. 

"Marie is a masterful teacher who takes the complex and makes it understandable by combining her extensive experience and knowledge with her sense of humor. She communicates with grace and clarity making it seem effortless."  

~Kim Clausen, president
CTL, Inc.



Private and/or Group Coaching

Coaching sessions are for soloists and small ensembles as well as full choirs.  All can benefit from targeted coaching sessions. Private and group sessions are designed around individual and/or group needs.  Individuals and/or groups can choose to work on specific techniques (such as weaving or 4iH), specific repertoire, or develop a plan to improve your overall skills.  Private sessions are arranged for mutually convenient times and locations.  Group sessions and workshops are held at your location. 

E-mail Marie to custom design your coaching session.




Workshop Topics

Workshops are customized for your specific needs to sharpen your handbell ringing skills

whether you are just starting your exploration of the instrument or you have many years of experience.  
 E-mail Marie to discuss your workshop needs. 
The following list is a sampling of workshop topics:


Technically Speaking
Technique is the foundation for all ringers.  Workshop includes reviewing basic ringing strokes, 
essential damping, and progresses through gracefully handling multiple bells. 
When you focus on the quality of your technique, your ringing becomes more dynamic.


Performance Pizzazz

Have you learned the music and want to add the sparkle?  With a lifetime of experience in the

performing arts, I can help you move your ringing to the next level, define your unique style,

and create a noteworthy performance.  


Solo and Ensemble

Learn what you need to ring as a soloist or in a small group.  Workshop focuses on ringing techniques,

coordination of movement, and musical integrity in performance.


 Bells and Movement

Handbell performances invite your audience to engage both their ears and their eyes. 

Workshop focuses on using your body language to enhance the visual aspect of your performance.


Getting off on the Right Foot

Whether ringing as a soloist, in an ensemble, or in a larger group, the first few rehearsals are crucial to your success.  Workshop focuses on the fundamentals including equipment, ringer responsibilities, beginning techniques,

levels of music, performance demands, and more.