Marie M. Loeffler

Solo Handbell Artist

Performances and Presentations
Solo Concerts
Combining music, movement, and spoken word,
Marie's concert entertain, educate, and delight audiences.
Worship Services
The resonant sound of handbells playing familiar hymns communicates at a deep level.
The music is appropriate for prelude, offertory, special music, and postlude.
Prayer Services and Services of Remembrance
The pure sound of handbells brings healing and comfort.
Individual pieces can be incorporated into the service.
Continuous music can be played for uninterrupted meditation.
Meetings and Celebrations
The magnificent sound of handbells adds a special touch to your event when
used as background music, part of a larger program, or as the featured presentation.
Women's Conferences and Retreats
 The unique handbell instrument used in concert can be a unique beginning or ending to your event.
Ringing Truths
This original presentation uses six notes of a familiar tune
in a unique way to teach Christian principles.
Can be used for devotions or full program